To inquire about speaking opportunities, you can email Anna directly: annalaagenes@gmail.com 

519 Sport Inclusion Summit, July 2015. Photo by Gordon Nore

519 Sport Inclusion Summit, 2015. Photo by Gordon Nore

Highlighted Speaking Events

  • Big Sky SAAC Summit in Denver, July 2015.
  • HUDDLE 2015, 519 Sport Inclusion Summit in Toronto, July 2015
  • #TEDx Walnut Street Women in Philadelphia, “Challenging stereotypes of women athletes,” May 2015
  • OutROAR Speaker Series at Clemson University, March 2015
  • Campus Pride & Ben Cohen “StandUp Day” G+ Hangout, Nov. 2014
  • Section 1 Leadership Conference in Yonkers, New York, Sept. 2014
  • Comcast & NBC Universal LGBT Pride Month ERG event, June 2014
  • NCAA Diversity & Inclusion Forum in Orlando, May 2014
  • Temple & Campus Philly Inclusive Leadership Conference, Feb. 2014
  • You Can Play’s WWE Inclusion Panel Presentation, Feb. 2014
  • Philly Diversity & Leadership Conference: LGBTQA event, Oct. 2013
  • Centennial SAAC Conference: LGBT & Athletics, Oct. 2013
  • Penn Women’s Trustees: Women in Athletics and Careers, Sept. 2013
  • Penn Spectrum, Diversity Conference, Sept. 2013
  • America East Conference (AEC) SAAC: LGBT & athletics, July 2013
  • You Belong Sports Camp, Chicago, July 2013
  • NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Forum; Indiana, May 2013
  • Campus Pride Live Webinar: “Creating Safe Spaces,” April 2013
  • Amnesty International Human Rights Conference, March 2013
  • Lehigh University LGBTQI Forum, Feb. 2013
  • Drexel University Sports Management Panel, 2013
  • You Can Play LGBT presentations for Duke University, Feb. 2013
  • NCAA Diversity and Inclusion Forum; New Orleans, May 2012

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